Do you want to join our growing network of distributors? We’re ready! Let’s grow opportunities together.

Benefits of being a Centimo distributor

  1. First access to new products amd services form Centimo
  2. strong visibillity all over the world in our authorized Centimo distributors page.
  3. Competitive reseller pricing for volume purchases
  4. A dedicated online portal for accessing and downloading all the information required
  5. Shared partner marketing activities

How to qualify for being a distributor

The following criteria apply for becoming an “authorized Centimo distributor”:

  1. You have an oline or physical store to resell the Centimo product range.
  2. You have a registered company VAT number, sales tax number or local equivalent.
  3. You are able to place a minimun annual order for at least €3.500,- worth of stock.

If you have these requirments, you can contact us and let us know you are interested in being a distributor.