Why is it that with most absorbable flower dyes the leaves of the flowers will get damaged?

Most absorbable flower dyes contain 30 until 40 % salt and this is very harmful for the leafs. We have developed a special chemical to neutralize this salt and also we put only 2 till 3 % salt into the dye.

Will my flowers discolor when I use Centimo vase colors?

The percentage of dye is so low that this will only color the vase water and not the flowers. When you use a surplus of vase color the color of the flowers can change after a couple of days.

Does flower dyeing have a negative effect on the vase life of the flowers?

When the flowers are dyed in the right way it will not have a negative influence on the vase life. When the right flower dyes are used and you follow the manual correctly it will not have a negative effect on the vase life.

Is it better to use absorbable or dipping dyes?

Not all flowers will color well with absorbable flower dyes and in those cases it is better to use dipping dyes. Dipping dye in mostly used to dye the leaves (foliage), pot plants and other decorative material. Furthermore it depends on the desires of the customer.

Is it important to use for flowers or pot plants a particular glitter?

In principle you can use all kinds of glitters. Nevertheless the less glitters you use the better it is for the product. We exclusively use glitters with six corners (hexagonal) and made of the best material available. Because of this you will use less glitters and that is better for the quality. To test if you have good quality glitters you should do the following: Stand approximately 4 to 5 meters away from the glittered product and when they are still shining well you have a good quality.

When I use absorbable flower dye I do not need a flower preservative?

We recommend to always use a flower preservative. Several ingredients of the flower preservative improve the water uptake of the flowers. This of course has a positive effect on the final results. Furthermore it will stop the bacteria grow in the water. Which is the mean reason of a bad dyeing result.

Will using warm water color flowers faster?

Yes, indeed flowers will color faster in warm water. The cause of this is: water with a higher water temperature has a different viscosity and because of this the flower will absorb faster. It is important that the temperature never comes above 40 degrees Celsius. This is very harmful for the living cells in the flower.

Can plants uptake dye through the roots and will the flowers of the plant change their color?

Yes some pot plants will uptake absorbable flower dyes through the roots. But there are many plants which cannot do that. For that reason most pot plants are colored by dipping dye. You can also spray the dipping dye onto the plants and we have several water based dyes for this use.

Is it possible to dye different colored flowers?

It is absolutely not true that only white flowers can be colored. White flowers do not influence the final color that much, so for that reason this color is used a lot. By using other colors than white you can get different end results and also intense colors.