Absorbable flower dye

Our absorbable dye is unique. The flowers absorb the dye, just as they absorb water. This results in beautifully colored flowers. The dye itself doesn’t damage the flower. They are are on water basis and environmentally friendly. 

We have 16 different colors to choose from. You can also mix these colors and make any color you want. The colored flowers look great with our glitter. Use the flower glue to stick it on the flowers.

flower dye chrysant

Flower dip / spray dye

One off the ways to paint flowers and foliage is by dipping method, with the Centimo water based dipping dye. Beside dipping, it is also possible to spray the Centimo Dipping dye over your product. In this manner it’s possible to color every product in a safe way.

We can provide the dye as a concentrate and as a ready to use product. This depends on the wishes of the customer, and also these of the legislation of the local government.