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Centimo flower food guarantees a longer vase life for every flower. It can be used directly after harvest, but can also be used in the vase at home. It has all the necessary nutrients for the full development of the flower.

It is specially designed for flowers that have been colored by our dyes. Also usable during coloring.

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Post harvest flower food

Post harvest – flower food

From the moment flowers are harvested they start aging and lose vitality.
Our post harvest solution product is specifically designed to keep the flowers hydrated and fresh in this stage and boost quality, reduce waste and improve the opening of buds.

Our formula can be used for all types of flowers and is more environmentally friendly then the traditional chlorine or aluminium sulfate treatments.

Our product keeps your flowers fresh during transportation to the consumers. It can also be used by the consumer to keep the flowers fresh at home.

Best formula flower food

Our formulation guarantees the longest life whilst being gentle on flowers and foliage. The formulation can be used for all types of flowers and is especially designed to keep flowers clean and hydrated  directly after harvesting.  Our FLOWER FOOD is more environmentally friendly  then the traditional chlorine  or aluminium sulfate treatments. 


Longer vase life

Effects and benefits

Increase vase life by up to 60%

Reduces wastage by an average 50%

Easy and save to mix and use

Usable on all flowers and foliage

Keeps flowers and foliage in optimum condition

Improves opening of flowers and color retention

Optimize water uptake, which prevents 'bent-neck'

See the difference

We provide tailor made courses which turns you into a professional flower dyer expert. Several techniques will be used to give you the best results for your fresh flowers / plants. All aspects needed for the dyeing are covered.
The duration of the training will be 2 – 3 days maximum for one individual or your whole team.

Visit support for more information and / or special requests.

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