Fragrance sticks

Fleurscent is a small stick of original natural scents. The stick is designed in such a way that it puts your favorite fragrance into your flowers, bouquet or plant in a invisible way. We are able to copy every Natural flower with a scent Fragrance. Nowadays with improved technology we have produced beautiful, bigger and stronger-flowers for affordable price’s. However in the process natural fragrances have been lost. For this reason we have developed our new product Fleurscents.

Fragrance sticks have an amazing odor
Fragrance stick in a bouquet
Fragrance sticks

Fleurscent sticks

– Offers a favorite of fresh scent to your product
– Unique and nice as an extra gift with your product.
– Your environment becomes more attractive.
 Easily and attractive usable packaging
– Same color as real flower stems (invisible)
– Scents lasts as long as your bouquet life.
– Available for every season   
– Fleurscents sticks are available in a large variety of different natural floral scents

The Fleurscent stick last almost 2 weeks, about the same life as a bouquet. Flowers or plants are not affected by the scents.

How to use:

Open the packaging and attach the stick on a stem in your bouquet.  Enjoy your fresh flower fragrance.