This type is specially developed for shop or household use. After spraying water on your product you can dredging the powder on top of the water. Now your product will have a natural snow-look. This product is safe for everybody to use and contains flame retardant material.

This is developed for growers, wholesalers and garden centers. With the industrial type it is easy to cover your products with natural looking artificial snow.This product attaches well to your products. Because of the special composition the product is not harmfull for flowers, plants or any other product.

colored snow

This type gives flowers, plants and related articles a winter look. You can create your own white powder with the instant type. You won’t believe your eyes. It’s actually a safe, non toxic polymer that absorbs water and fluffs up to look like natural snow. This type is also possible in different colors.

How does it work?
This amazing super-absorbent polymer that turns ordinary water into a white fluffy substance that looks 100% real! Add a little water and the polymer expands to 100 times its original size. When the party is over, just store it and use it again. Instant snow can give you a white yard in July. Cover trees, grass, flowers to create a winter look.

Dredging and Industrial is:

  1. Ultra Bright White
  2. Fast Drying
  3. Builds Quickly
  4. Super Adhesive
  5. Highest Yield
  6. Even Flow
  7. Includes Flame Retardant
  8. Rain and Fog Resistant
  9. Self-Adhesive    

The product can be combined with glitters which gives a very spectacular end product.