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Centimo offers instant, industrial and (industrial) colored products. With these product you can turn your garden into a winter paradise. 

Instant snow how does it work?

This amazing super-absorbent polymer that turns ordinary water into a white fluffy substance that looks 100% real! Add a little water and the polymer expands to 100 times its original size. When the party is over, just store it and use it again. Instant can give you a white yard in July. Cover trees, grass, flowers to create a winter look. Mix this product with our glitters to create an exclusive new look.

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Snow garden

Snow machines

The Mighty Sno-Blower is a revolutionary flock machine that utilizes German engineering to transform and separate micro fibers into a delicate and even accumulations of “snow-like flakes” that look like the work of Mother Nature herself. You can’t tell the difference. Light weight plastic cabinet, mobile and affordable. For that special look, you can adjust water volume, spray pattern and material flow. Comes with a deluxe flock gun, flock hose and water hose.

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