At Centimo, people, planet and profit are central. We are actively aware of the impact of our activities on people, the environment and society. Therefore we have a number of work standards:

  • Printing is in every business important. At Centimo we work mainly digital. We only print if it is really necessary. We have special recycled paper if we need to print.
  • Transport by bicycle is encouraged at Centimo. All of our team members travel by bike, to work.
  • Energy, everyone needs it. Centimo is very economical with its energy. Our lights turn on and off automatically and all computers and devices turn off at 5 p.m.
  • Waste separation has been done since Centimo was established in 1995.  

Centi – Eco glitter

The plastic pollution in the world requires innovative solutions. The use of glitter also requires alternatives; due to the minuscule dimensions, these plastic particles can end up everywhere and cannot be collected for recycling. Centi – Eco glitter, is an eco-friendly alternative to dissolving the microplastic contamination by traditional plastic glitters.

In Centi – Eco glitter the plastic core has been replaced by cellulose, this is an extract from trees. This means that Centi – Eco glitter is 92% free of plastic. If this glitter possibly ends up in the natural environment, bacteria and other micro-organisms ensure that the glitter is broken down. Centi – Eco glitter has been proven to break down in the natural environment.