Water dye

Water dye colors water to create a trendy new look to bouquet and vase designs. With just a few drops the water starts changing color.

Match the clear water with the color of your flowers or interior. Combine with flower food to achieve the best results.



Glass bottles of vase color

Vase color

Water dye has been developed to give the water in glass vases a fashionable look. Water dye is made out of a special color pigment to color the water. The flowers will not change color due to the low concentration of the pigment.

We recommend using a good flower nutrition to get the best results. Water dye does not harm humans or animals and is environmentally friendly. Water dye can be easily discharged into the sink.

Give color to your vases!

Water dye creates a special effect to everey vase. This product will only color the water and doesn’t have any effect on the flowers. The flowers retain its own color due to the low concentration of dye in water dye. It is made from natural dyes and therefore not harmful for flowers or the environment.

Try mixing our water dye with different kinds of water crystals to create a beautiful effect.


One bottle for hundred vases


Not harmful for the flowers


Make every color by mixing


Use of natural ingredients

Match the water color with your flowers

On the right sight you can see a before and after photo of a vase with clear water and a vase filled with pink water dye in water. All you have to do is add some drops of the water dye in a vase arrangement until the desired (intensity) color is reached. Use our dye with crystals to create an astonishing effect.

Green water dye

Orange water dye

Yellow dipping dye

Hot pink water dye

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