Added value for flowers and plants

Magic Flower Food

Flower food &
colour in one 

20 Colors absorbable flower dye

Quality flower dye, made by people with more than 40 years of experience.

Most realistic artificial snow

Artificial snow that looks so real, you can’t see the difference with real snow.

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About Us

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Our company was called Kleurex before 1995. We were the first to make dyes for flowers. At Kleurex we coloured the flowers in the flower auction in Aalsmeer.

Since 1995 Kleurex has been transferred to Centimo. We now make the dyes for growers, wholesalers, florists and other customers. We also offer our own artificial snow and other added value products for flowers and plants.


Dipping Dye


Artificial Snow

Absorbable Flower Dye

Magic Flower Food

Our Absorbable

Our dyes are homemade here in the Kwakel. We have 40 years of experience in making and using flower dye. You can expect quality flower dye and great support. We can help you  with every project.

Champagne Flower Dye

Champagne flower dye has a bright orange-like colour. Perfect for cheering people up, or just to surprise your family and friends.

Yellow Flower Dye

Yellow flower dye is a bright colour that immediately stands out in a bouquet or just by itself. It is a perfect colour for celebrating Easter.

Fire Red Flower Dye

Fire red flower dye is a powerful flower colour. Red is the colour of love and love radiates from this. Surprise your lover with a red flower!

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