Artificial snow

Most realistic artificial snow.
Centimo artificial snow is an authentic biodegradable snow material, featuring and adhesive and fiber composition.

White and realistic snow

Centimo’s artificial snow is made from cellulose and the binder is from starch. The snow consists entirely of natural raw materials, is biodegradable and is therefore not harmful to flowers, plants and trees.

Regular snow can be used for all kind of living horticulture products: delicate flowers, foliage, (small) trees and so on. Flame retardant snow can be used for foliage, Christmas wreaths and decorations, trees and big in / outdoor winter theme decorations.

Our snow is also used on some film / commercial sets. 

Artificial snow on tree

Benefits artificial snow

  • Bright white
  • Rain and fog resistant
  • Self adhesive (just add water)
  • Most realistic artificial snow
  • Fast drying and has an even flow
  • Highest profit during Christmas time

Snow in a box

Snow your own Christmas tree and decorations with Snow in a box. It has all the items to make a perfect white Christmas tree. Our artificial snow and a spray cap which can be attached on a bottle filled with water are inside the box. First spray your tree with some water then fill the box with artificial snow. Remove the cardboard so that the holes on the side are open. Shake the box at a 45 degree angle to get the perfect type of snow out of the box. Add glitter for a shiny effect. 

Snow machines

The mighty snow-blower is a revolutionary snow machine that utilizes german engineering to transform and separate micro fibers into a delicate and even accumulations of “snow like flakes” that look like the work of mother nature herself. You can’t tell the difference. Light weight plastic cabinet, mobile and affordable. For that special look you can adjust water volume, spray pattern and material flow. Comes with a deluxe flock gun, flock hose and water hose. Contact us if you are interested in a snow machine. We have a medium and large variant.

Colored snow

At Centimo we like to be different and that’s why we also have colored snow. Snow in all colors of the rainbow. This is the same as regular snow but then with a color. It is suitable for all living horticulture product and everything else.

How to use Artificial snow?

1. Water the product(s)

Centimo artificial snow needs a wet surface to stick to your product. Apply a thin layer of water.
Use a spray bottle or a hose with a fine mist to speed up the process.

2. Sift and spray

Fill the sifter halfway with artificial snow.

Make sure you have a spray bottle with water in one hand and a sifter in the other. Let the snow fall through the sifter and spray the fallen snow on the product.

3. Finishing touch

Spray some last water on your finished product. Only a tiny amount is needed.

Not sure how much snow to use for your desired result?

See the difference

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How much snow to use?

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