Flower dye

Our special flower dyes for flowers, plants and foliage. The dyes are water based and therefore not harmful for floral life.

Absorbable flower dye

Let the flowers absorb the dye

The absorbable dye is supplied in a powder form. Mix this powder with water to make a colored dyeing liquid. The flowers will absorb the dye mixed with water through the stem. The flowers starts changing color within minutes. The results are astonishing. All our flower dye colors can be mixed to create your own unique colored flowers.

Our absorbable flower dyes are 100% biodegradable and are used by professionals and consumers. If you have questions about this product see our support.

Use our hormone to get the best colors for your flowers. Hormone ensures that the flowers easily absorb the dye.


Dye on water basis

Brightest colors

Best quality dyes

Centimo 4 colored flower tool

4 Colored flowers or how we like to call it rainbow flowers is a special technique of dyeing flowers. With our absorbable flower dye you can make 4 colored flowers yourself. We have created a new product that will make it easier for you to make these flowers. If you are interested in this product, please leave a message in the contact form below.

Dipping / spraying dye

The dipping dye (Centi Aqua Deco) is an easy to use water based product. Dip the flower, plant or foliage in the dye and see the results immediately. The dipping / spraying dyes are available as a concentrate or ready to use. Concentrated dye should first be mixed with water before applying it on flowers.

We can make every RAL code. Contact us if you need a special color.

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