Flowers and plants

With our glitters, in combination with flower glue, it is possible to give every fresh or dried flower or plant a superb sparkle effect. This look makes a product stand out as dynamic and unique when compared with flat colored alternatives. This sparkle helps products jump off shelves. We offer many more products that can be combined with this shiny product. Flower dye and glitters together give the most exclusive look to your products. But also water crystals, mirror glass and snow are very popular to mix.

Glitters cactus

Added value

This type of sparkle helps product jump off the shelves. The product is not only usable on flowers and plants, it is also possible to use on other kind of products. For example: it is possible to decorate christmas balls or candle holders. This product is very popular around the winter holidays.

This product is mainly used as an additive for creating special color effects in otherwise standard products. Glitters give products an extra dimension, immediately creating a differentiation from competitors.

The bottles are produced with a handy sprinkler, allowing for easy and effective use.