Use glitter to add extra value. We have standard and bio glitters.
Let your flowers, plants, foliage or other products shine!


Available in regular, fluor, iridescent, pearl jewel and bio glitter.
Use our water based flower glue to get the glitter on the flower.

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Polyester is a collective name for many different textiles that use polyester yarn. The basis is polyethylene terephthalate. Sound like something sketchy? It is not! The abbreviation of this is PET, the well known material for bags, plastic bottles and also glitter!

Polyester is a very versatile kind of glitter. It is gorgeous and comes in lots of colors and types. It sparkles more than craft due to the thinnest of the film. It also handles heat better than most other types.

Polyester glitters can be used for lots of things. For example it can be used for: flooring, makeup, crayons, cars, boating and other fiberglass or gelcoat applications and of course floral decorations (and many more).

Polyester is not biodegradable, but can be recycled.

Iridescent and fluor

Iridescence is the phenomenon of certain surfaces that appear to gradually change color as the angle of view changes. Our iridescent glitter gives the same special effect. It is made out of iridescent polyester film.

Fluorine colors are always bright because they contain pigments that  absorb ultraviolet light. The absorbed light then bounces back into the environment.

We have 7 iridescent and 5 fluor colors in our webshop.





The new biodegradable glitter combines the best of both worlds: bling-bling and eco friendly. It has been developed to tackle plastic pollution created by glitter. Bio glitter is made of natural plant derived materials as its basis rather than plastic. This product quickly biodegrades into harmless substances in the environment.

Satin dust pearlescence

Satin dust is a very small type of glitter. It is a pigment that is made for flowers, plants, cosmetics, plastic, coating, paint, printing and art and craft industry.

The characteristics of satin dust has been designed to match the unique luster of natural pearls. The structure is made from a platelet of mica which is coated with a metal oxide. Satin dust provides an amazing performance in brightness and color play from white to earth tone effects.

Centimo satin dust is able to create a pearlescence effect. This effect is a lot like iridescence. The difference is that pearlescence gives a white shine to the product in addition to the color change. They are non toxic, non flammable, non conductive and environmentally safe. It can be used on almost every flower or plant.  

Satin dust

Market leader in added value

Quality for flowers and plants

40 Years of experience

Product not harmful for flowers and plants

Variety of particles

Create the most iconic flowers with satin dust. Make roses shine like never before with our metallic pearlescent, or give some color with our colored pearlescent. These pigments can create a wide variety of effects ranging from a gentle pearl to a sparkling rainbow.

Also available in:

  • Silver / white
  • Interference
  • Golden
  • Metallic
  • Color
  • Water and wax based
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