Water dye

Give color to your water and create a trendy new look. Match the clear water with the color of your bouquet or interior. 

Glass bottles of vase color

Give color to your water

Not only the bouquet is important, but also the vase in which the bouqet is placed. Water dye is made out of a special color pigment to color the water. The flowers won’t change color due to the low concentration of the dye.

We recommend using a good flower nutrition to get the best results. It is an environmentally friendly product. 

Try mixing water dye with different kinds of water crystals to create a beautiful effect. 


Magic flower food

 Centimo’s newest product is Magic flower food. It contains flower food and water dye in one bottle. Now you don’t have to add flower food to the water dye yourself. We have boxes with 6 colors of Magic flower food. Learn more about this product and include it in your next order :).

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