Stones for plants

Decorative stones are colorful, curly and shiny products that can create added value for flowers, plants or interior. The Centimo decorative stones are made of high quality decoration material. Ideal for brightening up the planter.

Decorative rocks, grains and sand

The Centimo rocks, grain and sand are ideal to use for plants. These so called ‘stones for plants’ are made to brighten up interiors, plants or other products. Deco stones will keep the plant soil hydrated.

Available in a large range of colors.

Mirror glass

Mirror glass is made from real colored glass and therefore it brightens more than normal stones. The glass is not sharp and completely safe. Mirror glass will keep the plant soil hydrated just like the deco stones.

Available in 10 different colors.

High quality decoration material

Ideal for brightening up planters

Materials in large volume units

Many colors and various types of stone

Deco sand

Deco rocks

Deco grains

Mirror glass

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