Deco stones

With this product your plants will take on a different and trendy look. It will also keep the plant soil hydrated allowing for healthier plants. It can be used for plants and flowers, but also for other decorative purposes. These stones are very popular for decorating houses. For example on a table plate between candles or on a wooden table. It is a decoration product and can be used for every matter. Our assortiment has three different kinds: Sand, grains and rock. Each category has 14 colors.

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Deco stones - Mirror glass

Mirror glass

The mirror glass gives an extra exclusive look to your flower or plant (or your interior, etc..). It is made from real colored mirror glass and therefore it brightness more than normal stones. The product is not sharp and completely safe. This product has proved to be very popular for decoration matters which need to be exclusive and special. Mirror glass will also keep the plant soil hydrated just like the deco stones. We have 10 different colors in the webshop.