Water crystals

Water crystals are a water storing polymer that keeps flowers or plants hydrated and add interest. Choose from a range of colors and shapes. This product is a fresh approach to maintaining healthy and attractive flowers and plants.

Available in crystals, pearls and cubes.

Green water pearls
Light blue water cubes

Water crystals for decoration

Crystals, pearls and cubes creates glimmering floral or candle arrangements in vases and bowls. Ideal for all flower, plant and candle arrangements. The purer the water, the larger the crystals will grow. Distilled water is best to use. Add 1 tablespoon of crystals in 1 liter water and watch the crystals grow. Let the crystals sit and hydrate for 3-4 hours. When the polymer has finished hydrating the appearance will look like chunks of ice (when using crystals). 

Put the crystals, pearls or cubes in a vase to create a unique look. Easy to use – just add water.

This product gives a continuous flow of water to your plants or flowers when put in a vase. If you forget to water your plants it can’t do any harm because of the water storing polymers.

Crystals in soil

Conserve water, manage erosion, safely adress industrial spills and improve soil moisture with our special (decorative) water based polymer. It is designed for growers and landscapers.

The innovative water storing products save time and resources, allowing people to more effectively manage soil and plants. Our water storing polymers keep floral arrangements healthy and fresh. This product is ideal for containers, baskets, flower beds, window boxes, trees, shrubs, turf and perenials.

The centimo crystals, pearls and cubes are designed to reduce plant waterings by 50%. It will remain effective in the soil for approximately 4 years. Our crystals saves time, labor and plants.

Visit our support if you need more information.

Water crystals in soil
healthy soil
water crystals in soil

Water based product

Available in three different shapes

Flowers and plants receive water from the crystals

Less expensive and more attractive than stones

Not harmful for any kind of flower or plant

Environmentally friendly

Pink water crystals

Purper water crystals

Blue water cubes

Blue water cubes

green water pearls

Green water pearls

water pearls

Water pearls

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