Water crystals used with glitters and dipping dye

This product is available in Pearl, Cubic and Normal Granulate shape. All of these different forms can be used  in combination with a lot of different products and for several applications. This product could give a flower, plant or vase that extra appeal. It is the alternative for water and ground. Plants are linked with ground, such as water with flowers. Water crystals are a trendy alternative for people, who want exactly something else. Your bouquet or plant becomes a real eye-catcher and gets a total other look.

Different colors of water pearls (water crystals)

By using Fleurplus vase colors you can create any color Crystal that you want, but also we offer our crystals already colored (Red,Green,Blue, Dark Blue, Turquoise, Yellow,Orange,Hot Pink,Pink and Transparent). The Crystals can be used for many other decorative applications as well For example candles in water crystals produces an unusual and beautiful effect.

Many people have the habit to forget to water the plants. With our water based crystals it isn’t bad if you forget to water the plants. Because the water crystals work as storage plants need to be watered less frequently, saving lots of work. This product gives an exclusive look and keeps the flower or plant healthy.

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