About us

Did you know Centimo was the first one who started coloring flowers with absorbable flower dye?

Here you find evereything about Centimo and our team.


Added value for flowers and plants

Centimo has been creating added value for plants and flowers since 1995. This added value ensures the flowers and plants (or other products) get a whole new look. it gives that extra sparkle on your product.

Centimo supplies added value (decoration) materials to consumer, florists, exporters, retailers, growers, garden centers and wholesalers at home and abroad.


It all started in 1980 when the CEO J. Overwater started Kleurex BV. Kleurex was the first professional flower dye company. The production was mainly for growers and flower exporters. 

In 1995 Kleurex was closed and Centimo was born. Centimo focused on the research and sales of added value products for flowers and plants. Because of this research a revolution took place in the use of Centimo products. During the years we have been focussing more and more on added value for flowers and plants and introducing different  applications. Centimo products are being exported all over the world.

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