Floral glue

Floral glue is a water based product that is adhesive to get any type of fabric on flowers, plants and foliage. Use our glue to create the most unique flowers. It is easy to use straight from the bottle.

Available in concentrate and ready to use.

green glitter with glue


The earliest known adhesives come form bark of birch tree, which was used in prehistoric times some 200 thousand years ago. By 5200 BC more advanced processes were introduced in Europe and Middle East. It involved heating of birch bark. More common animal glue was discoverd in Ancient Egypt 4 thousand years ago. This was the first confirmation of use of glues that were made by boiling animal hides, hooves and connective tissue. The glue was mostly used in furniture and the building sector. Especially in Rome and Greece. Animal glue was used until 1800. By mid 1800s, first rubber based glues were introduced.

From the 1930s, the advancement of the plastics industry resulted in the development of additional adhesives and glues. These substances were stronger, stickier, and waterproof compared to the animal glue of the past.

Ancient glue
Gold glitter
Floral glue bottle

Glue for flowers

There are many types of adhesives on the market. Only one is suitable for all types of fresh cut flowers, foliage and potted plants. This is because the chemicals in the glue damage and / or close the stomata, causing the treated surface to die or dry out. The thinner and more sensitive the surface to which the glue sticks, the greater the damage that occurs.

The Centimo floral glue is perfect for gluing both fresh and artificial floral materials. The glue is water-based and therefore not harmful for flowers. It is heat and solvent resistant and cleans with water. Centimo floral glue ensures a healthy product in which the stomata remains adamant.

The glue is suitable for gluing glitter to flowers and plants. It provides strong initial adhesion and it dries quickly and transparant.

It is important not to use normal glue on flowers, plants or foliage. Because otherwise the flowers will damage.

Visit our support to find all the information and FAQ’s about floral glue.

Fast setting - shortens clamping time

Cleans with water

Non toxic

Dries fast and transparant

Easy to use

Heat and solvent resistant

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