Floral spray paint

Floral spray paint is an effective tool to quickly color flowers, plants or foliage. It is used by professionals as well as by the do-it-yourselfer.

Available in boxes of 12.  

Spring from Holland

Floral spray is specially designed to color flowers, plants, foliage, slik, cardboard, paper, pottery, metal, stone, glass etc.. The colored result is immediately visible on the flower. You can rest assured that the natural relief and original shape of the flower will be retained. With the color spray it is no problem for you to color floral elements exactly the way you want them.

Floral spray is environmentally compatible and is Available in 54 different colors. Cans are of recyclable material. Mix floral spray with glitters to create a beautiful effect.

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Fluor spray

Fluor spray works exactly the same as the normal floral spray. The big difference between the two is the color. Fluor is much brighter in color than the normal one. Fluorine is a good eye catcher to really make your products pop.

Fluor spray is available in 5 different colors.


Results are immediately visible


Fast drying


weather resistant and smudge proof


Suitable for in and outdoor

How to use

Set up your workspace

Using floral spray is messy, so it’s important that you set up a special work area to do it. Go to a good ventilated area – such as your garage or driveway and put down a drop cloth or newspaper. Put on rubber gloves and old clothes that you don’t mind a bit dirt and stained.

Prepare the floral spray paint

While the lid is still on, shake the spray can 20-30 seconds.

Spray your flowers

Hold down the nozzle to release the paint. Turn the flower or plant evenly as you spray. Spray the flower or plant until you reach your desired intensity.

Let the flowers or plants dry

Put the freshly painted flowers in a vase or bucket that keeps it upright. Depending on the temperature and the humidity takes 1-3 hours for the dye to dry.

Floral spray paint

Fluor floral spray paint

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