Erika flower dye

Erika flower dye


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Absorbable flower dye

Flowers have the ability to absorb water. The water is brought to the leaves. The same goes with our special absorbable flower dye. The flowers will absorb the color and shine like never before.

When you start the dyeing process it is important not to use flowers, which have stood on water, because that will obstruct the absorption of water (and dye). Flowers have to be thirsty to drink water. Mix approximately 16 grams dye in 1 litre water. More grams will lead to a darker color. Cut the flowers approximately 2 up to 4 cm of the dry stems and put these in the dyed water.

Product benefits

  • Flower dye is suitable for any flower or foliage
  • Flower dye is environmentally friendly and does not harm flowers or foliage
  • Easy to use product. Mix with luke warm water and place your flowers in the solution
  • Centimo absorbable flower dye ensures for a fast (1 hour) and beautiful result


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