Transparant water cubes

Transparant water cubes

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Water cubes act as a reservoir to store and release a steady stream of water and nutrients for plants. The cubes are supplied as a decorative , water retaining product for use with household displays of cut flowers and plants. It can also be used in soil allowing for healthier plants.

Product benefits

  • Provide plant roots water directly from the cubes.
  • Easy to use product. Just add water to the cubes, pearls or crystals and see the results
  • Ideal for indoor home / office plant decorations


Are the crystals, cubes or pearls toxic?
They are non toxic, safe to handle and safe for use around animals and children. They are not to be eaten and can be a choking hazard.

What are water crystals used for?
These polymers are commonly used as water retaining agents for horticulture applications and disposable hygiene products. The crystals are used as a decorative, water retaining product for use in household displays of cut flowers and plants.

Why should i put crystals in soil?
When mixed with soil they keep the moisture much longer and hence you don’t need to water your plants that often. Crystals can be used for growing fruits and vegetables as well as they are completely safe. The pigmentation they contain is not released in the soil and cannot pass into the fruit or vegetable grown.

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