Changes in prices

Currently there is a worldwide shortage of raw materials.

The Covid pandemic has kept us in lockdown but has also resulted in a global supply chain disruption.

The limited supply of raw materials has meanwhile led to price increases and causes long delivery times and uncertainties with regard to transport. As a result of these huge price increases and uncertain prospects, our suppliers have switched to monthly or even daily prices.

Due to this uncertain and very unpleasant market situation for everyone, we were also forced to adjust our prices.

We have chosen to adjust the prices with a weighted percentage.
Of course we try to keep all price increases to a minimum.

At the moment, the weighted percentage is 6% and this will take effect on August 1 2021.

At the checkout you will find the surcharge costs under the total amount of your order. If prices continue to rise or fall again, we will adjust the percentage immediately. As soon as the prices stabilize we can remove the surcharge.

We thank you for your understanding, and if you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact us!

How does it work?

Products are unchanged in the shop

The products in the shop / product pages have the same prices as before.

6% on the total cart

The 6% of surcharge is linked to all products in the basket.

Checkout / cart page

The added surcharge is visible when you visit the cart / checkout page.

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